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Publishing a blog post

February 2, 2019 0

Publishing a blog post

Tsem Rinpoche offering prayers before publishing a blogpost, for it to be of benefit to others. For Rinpoche, an activity is only worth doing if it results in the benefit of someone else. So before every major blog post, Rinpoche will offer incense and prayers to Dorje Shugden, asking for his blessings and assistance that the information […]


Tsem Rinpoche paying homage to White Tara, the saviouress. A student and devotee of White Tara had commissioned a 5-foot statue for his home. Having requested Rinpoche to bless and consecrate the statue, White Tara was escorted to the Ladrang where, upon sight, Rinpoche immediately paid homage to her and gave a short teaching on […]


Tsem Rinpoche blessing gifts for our visiting monks. For the past two months, we have had monks from Phelgyeling Monastery in Nepal visiting and staying with us. On the day they performed a Vajra Yogini ruchok and daju (self-generation), Rinpoche offered them a Vajra Yogini statue each. Auspiciously, these statues had just arrived in the Ladrang […]


I reproduce this here with Rinpoche’s permission, with the hope that more will learn about this rare, extremely powerful form of Vajrayogini. When you know her iconography, about the lineage masters who relied upon her and propagated her practice, and the calibre of the practitioners that were her predecessors…you come to realise that there is […]

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Clarity from Rinpoche

October 13, 2018 0


For the last week or so, I’ve been proofreading the transcript of a teaching Rinpoche gave on Dorje Shugden. I’ve just gotten to the part where Rinpoche explains the distress he felt when he first found out about the ban in 1986. In short, Rinpoche said that news of the ban hit him very deeply because […]

Vajrayogini in Poetry

October 9, 2018 0


When you say ‘tantra’, what most people these days will probably immediately think of is not what tantra actually is. Tantra, in Buddhism at least, does not have anything to do with sex. The actual practice of tantra is about trying to control the strongest energy we have (desire) and channeling it into something that brings higher levels of awareness. It […]

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It’s been four days (that’s right, FOUR) days since Rinpoche’s post on the 4th Zhabdrung Jigme Norbu’s connection to Dorje Shugden was published and at the time of writing, it has already exceeded 6,000 views. I know what y’all are thinking…Drukpa Kagyu? Dorje Shugden? What? But it’s all there. All the proof you need, published by […]

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Rinpoche in DA

Just wanted to share with everyone this great photograph that I came across. I am not sure who took it but it is a lovely, candid snapshot of what Rinpoche is really like. For me, it captures the depth of Rinpoche‘s commitment towards Kechara and Kechara Forest Retreat. Rinpoche has his head down, fully concentrated on […]

Choose Nepal

April 28, 2018 0


Originally penned for Rinpoche’s blog. The first time I ever travelled to Nepal was in 2005, on a pilgrimage led by Rinpoche. What was meant to be a one-week trip turned into a two-week stay, with the second week being fully dedicated to stock-buying for Kechara Paradise. My next trip was in 2009, for a […]

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What’s your process?

April 27, 2018 3


Martin (welcome back!) and I got into a little discussion today. He asked about my process for writing and how I get started. After answering him, I realised it is something I have never really given much thought to. This is despite the fact I have been writing in some capacity since I was 15 / 16. When I was in my teens, my […]