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I reproduce this here with Rinpoche’s permission, with the hope that more will learn about this rare, extremely powerful form of Vajrayogini. When you know her iconography, about the lineage masters who relied upon her and propagated her practice, and the calibre of the practitioners that were her predecessors…you come to realise that there is […]


When you say ‘tantra’, what most people these days will probably immediately think of is not what tantra actually is. Tantra, in Buddhism at least, does not have anything to do with sex. The actual practice of tantra is about trying to control the strongest energy we have (desire) and channeling it into something that brings higher levels of awareness. It […]


Two years ago, Rinpoche was travelling around Malaysia. On a “whim” (which, you should understand, is never as “spontaneous” as it appears!), Rinpoche decided to go to Ipoh. While in Ipoh, Rinpoche surpised me with this Oeding-Erdel bracelet. Rinpoche said I should wear it to remind myself of impermanence and Vajrayogini, both symbolised by the […]

It’s all about the lighting…

Vajrayogini arises! (Taken with Instagram)

(Taken with my iPhone) I love the way the spotlights make it look like you’re on the path to Vajrayogini, the final state of illuminating wisdom and compassion.

If you offer up everything now, then you wouldn’t lose anything, but in fact gain everything… Freedom to ‘fly across the sky’ and anywhere you choose, like a Diamond Dakini, only comes from letting go of inner and outer possessions that aren’t ever permanent as we perceive mistakenly. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche

(Taken with my iPhone) “What are you doing tonight?” “Nothing urgent. Is there anything I can do for Rinpoche?” “Come to Batu Caves in 30-45mins. Carpool.” And just like that, off we went, ‘we’ being myself, Jamie, James and Jean Mei (yes, four J’s). Standing at the bottom of the 270-odd steps, Rinpoche proceeded to […]

(From a text) The lady in red is dancing with me, cheek to cheek, There’s nobody here, it’s just you and me, It’s where I want to be – Chris de Burgh Do you think he was singing about Vajrayogini? Hehehe

Loyalty to your teacher

Have loyalty and gratitude towards your teacher, lay all your energies to practice the Diamond Lady*, Known for her expediency, and realize your sufferings are your real protector opening your eyes to past deeds, *Vajrayogini Tsem Tulku Rinpoche


Our Kechara is so blessed with powerful potent female, wisdom, Vajra Yogini, queen, ying, ladies, dakinis, feminine, flowery, night, moon, goddess, femme fatale energy. How fortunate we are to worship feminine energy..and to journey to enlightenment through this volcanic universal mother creator force. – Tsem Tulku Rinpoche (From a text) Accompanying the above quote were […]