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I was on the hunt for a short blog post to read up on, mostly because I only had three hours of sleep the previous night before going into a long, important Board of Directors meeting that required my full attention. And as I was searching, I stumbled upon this post on Rinpoche’s blog. The […]

One of the reasons I went to the university I did was because there was a module “Psychology and Buddhism” as part of the syllabus. Although it was a third year module (and I would therefore have to wait three years to take it!), I was so excited to be going to a place that […]


This news report was the same accusation that has been rehashed over and over again (I know, I know, it is redundant to use ‘rehashed’ and ‘over and over again’ in the same sentence!). I was just amazed that a reputable news agency like Reuters would use the testimony of someone who has been discredited […]


Every culture, every country has some kind of tradition of ghosts. They have their own special names for spirits, their own classification of spirits, their own approach to spirits and their own explanation for the existence of spirits. What I think is important about the existence of ghosts is that they demonstrate that there is […]


As an outspoken member of the Dorje Shugden community, Rinpoche gets a lot of flak for his practice and beliefs. This ranges from the calm “why do you practise Dorje Shugden?” to the “f*** you, go to hell” variety. On the blog post below are just a fraction of the comments Rinpoche receives. While these […]


Someone asked this question on Rinpoche’s blog chat, and Rinpoche gave me the opportunity to reply. Below I append my response because I’m pretty sure there will be more people wondering the same thing. Hopefully it helps clear up some confusion for some people JOHN ON BLOG CHAT: Tsem Rinpoche, I think that you are […]

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What I wrote below is true, that before this retreat, I had never recited Dorje Shugden’s mantra. This retreat was actually my introduction to the practice. Yes, before this retreat, I had gone to India and Nepal, and met incredible Dorje Shugden lamas but here’s the kicker – at the time I met him, I […]

A comment on “Hecate”

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One of my favourite topics in primary school was the study of Greek and Roman culture, and the Aztec culture. Within those topics, I loved learning about how they worshipped. I found it fascinating how different people contact the divine; one culture will tell you one way is accepted, while another culture will tell you […]


I have to admit when I first heard this news, I was pretty stunned. I thought, “No way China issued a statement like that” because I have always known them to be an authority that does not feel the need to publicly and directly respond to religious matters. So I was pretty happy to hear […]


Did you know that there are pujas in the Tibetan tradition that are specifically for averting the energy created from negative talk, bad speech and gossip? One such puja is called Miga Tramdo; it clears obstacles and negative energies created by other people gossiping about you. You might wonder how gossip can create obstacles. Well, […]