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About Me

Jean [/dʒiːn/; sometimes Scottish: /ˈdʒeɪn/ –noun a female given name]

Video producer, author, sometimes poet and aspiring lifelong traveller.

A former nun-in-training, and forever student of H.E. the 25th Tsem Rinpoche, who remains a believer in kindness, the healing power of nature, and the benefits of living a slow, simple life.

(As well as honesty, discipline, resilience, focus and all those other good things)

Interested in video editing, colour grading, and scriptwriting.

These are snapshots of my life, in words and pictures.

Previous Projects


  • S2O Bangkok (2024; upcoming)
  • BlackRock iShares (2023)
  • YES 5G The Wave (2023)
  • McCafé Magic Cup (2023)
  • S2O Bangkok (2023)
  • S2O Taiwan (2023)
  • S2O Hong Kong (2023)
  • ZoukOut (2022)

Assistant Director

  • Leevy – “Feel Good Again” (music video; 2022)

Be different, be altruistic. Be strange, work for others in response to their harm. Raise eyebrows, be generous without agenda.

H.E. the 25th Tsem Rinpoche