El·e·na [el-uh-nuh, uh-ley-nuh; It. e-le-nah] /ˈɛlənə, əˈleɪnə; It. ɛˈlɛnɑ/ –noun a female given name, form of Helen // A proud student of His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche // Personal assistant with a BSc (Hons) Psych from Uni of Warwick // These are snapshots of my life, in words and pictures

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It’s been an age and a half since I last posted here! Lots has happened since, most of it lockdown-related and since we’ve all heard way too much of that in the last year…let’s skip right past that, shall we? So what’s been happening more recently? Well, for a start, I’ve been teaching a Lamrim […]


This cracks me up. These are the two incomplete cycling workouts from Week 1 of the training plan. That week, I was only able to make it to the end for 1 out of 3 sessions, and was in tremendous pain at the end. It took me three days to recover. Just three weeks later, […]


Originally posted: https://www.tsemrinpoche.com/?p=144586   1. Let go of pain from the past Let go of the people who hurt your body, because you yourself should not keep hurting your body by holding onto pain anymore. Let go of all pain you wish on others. Do not wish pain on others and yourself. Let go of […]


For the last week or so, I’ve been proofreading the transcript of a teaching Rinpoche gave on Dorje Shugden. I’ve just gotten to the part where Rinpoche explains the distress he felt when he first found out about the ban in 1986. In short, Rinpoche said that news of the ban hit him very deeply because […]


Martin (welcome back!) and I got into a little discussion today. He asked about my process for writing and how I get started. After answering him, I realised it is something I have never really given much thought to. This is despite the fact I have been writing in some capacity since I was 15 / 16. When I was in my teens, my […]


It has always fascinated me how there are just so many ways a person can die and in fact, it is easier for a person to die than to stay alive. The thought first came in high school when, at Rinpoche’s urging, I watched Faces of Death. The thought then continued into university when our developmental and abnormal […]


I glance over at my laptop’s clock. It is coming up to 3am and a small group of us are sitting here with Rinpoche as Rinpoche goes through the blog for what must be the 200th time tonight. We’ve been here for 12 hours already, writing and clicking and checking, and then checking and rechecking […]


If memory serves, this blog post is an elaboration of a text message that I sent to a friend who was pining after a girl. His opinion of her changed by the day and quite frankly, my patience was tested sometimes especially since he showed little signs of wanting to make a change. After many conversations, […]


I first wrote this in 2014 when I was still in the USA but upon revisiting it, it still feels relevant especially since we are looking for writers and other creative types, so I’m bringing it back up hope everyone finds it useful and it offers some food for thought! Since I’ve been in the US, […]


Over the years, I have seen people come and go. There have been people who wax lyrical about Rinpoche, and people who back-stab. There have been people who devote themselves to Rinpoche, and people who use Rinpoche to get what they can out of him, and then conveniently forgotten about Rinpoche when the contact no longer suits their purposes. It’s […]