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It’s been four days (that’s right, FOUR) days since Rinpoche’s post on the 4th Zhabdrung Jigme Norbu’s connection to Dorje Shugden was published and at the time of writing, it has already exceeded 6,000 views. I know what y’all are thinking…Drukpa Kagyu? Dorje Shugden? What? But it’s all there. All the proof you need, published by […]


In early January 2018, I had the great fortune to attend the International Buddhist Conference of Dorje Shugden Followers on behalf of my Guru, Tsem Rinpoche. To say it was an eye-opening experience would be an understatement. It was my first time attending a Tibetan conference and I do hope it will not be my last. It […]


Anti-Shugden remark: “There’s no ban. It’s just His Holiness’ advice. Dorje Shugden people have religious freedom. There is no discrimination.” Ummm, how about…no? Marking anyone out to distinguish them from another group IS religious discrimination. So the “clean” monks will get a badge? Does this mean “clean” buildings constructed using non-Shugden funds will also get […]


Anti-Shugden remark: “You guys have your own monasteries. Since you have your separate monasteries, that is proof there is religious freedom.” Ummm, how about…no? That is a most illogical comment. The fact there are separate monasteries is EVIDENCE there is a ban. Because before the ban, there was NO SUCH THING as a Shugden monastery […]


Anti-Shugden remark: “You won’t be served because you practise Dorje Shugden? The hospitals won’t treat you? Then you should give up Dorje Shugden. Your lama is wrong and he’s teaching you the wrong things. Listen to me, I am telling you this out of compassion. Om Mani Padme Hum.” Ummm, how about…no? Any Dorje Shugden […]


After yet another frustrating session debating with people making dumb accusations about Dorje Shugden practitioners, I was inspired to start up this new series of blog posts. Why? When I read the kind of stuff they come up with, the kind of wild accusations they direct at us over and over again, my automatic response […]


This news report was the same accusation that has been rehashed over and over again (I know, I know, it is redundant to use ‘rehashed’ and ‘over and over again’ in the same sentence!). I was just amazed that a reputable news agency like Reuters would use the testimony of someone who has been discredited […]


As an outspoken member of the Dorje Shugden community, Rinpoche gets a lot of flak for his practice and beliefs. This ranges from the calm “why do you practise Dorje Shugden?” to the “f*** you, go to hell” variety. On the blog post below are just a fraction of the comments Rinpoche receives. While these […]


Someone asked this question on Rinpoche’s blog chat, and Rinpoche gave me the opportunity to reply. Below I append my response because I’m pretty sure there will be more people wondering the same thing. Hopefully it helps clear up some confusion for some people JOHN ON BLOG CHAT: Tsem Rinpoche, I think that you are […]


What I wrote below is true, that before this retreat, I had never recited Dorje Shugden’s mantra. This retreat was actually my introduction to the practice. Yes, before this retreat, I had gone to India and Nepal, and met incredible Dorje Shugden lamas but here’s the kicker – at the time I met him, I […]