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Why I practise Dorje Shugden

May 21, 2015 0

What you’re most passionate about in life really tells you about the kind of person you are and for Rinpoche, there’s nothing he’s more passionate about than Dorje Shugden.


A few weeks ago, Rinpoche recorded his views on Dorje Shugden, why he practices Dorje Shugden and will never give up the practice. This is the first time since 1996 that Rinpoche has spoken publicly about his practice so as you can imagine, there was quite a lot to say. And if you haven’t already heard about Rinpoche’s video on Dorje Shugden, go and watch it like NOW. For real! Just imagine this – for 18 YEARS you have not been able to talk about the one thing you’re most passionate about because your gurus told you to keep it on the down low.

Then after 18 years, your gurus say it is okay to talk about it openly. Would you not have a TONNE of things to say? Can you imagine all of the things you would wanna talk about, that you gotta say, that you HAFTA say???

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When Rinpoche filmed the video, the writers’ group had the immense privilege of attending the filming. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness history being made (yes, I can cram that many clichés into one sentence!). For six hours, Rinpoche patiently sat and answered all of the questions he has ever been asked over the years. Later, as Rinpoche composed the accompanying blog post, Rinpoche thought carefully about everything he wanted to say, so that people would gain the most benefit.


You see, for Rinpoche, filming a video and writing a blog post is not just filming a video and writing a blog post. It is about engaging in a method that will bring relief to others’ minds, and to alleviate their confusion and depression. It is about introducing clarity and insight into any topic or question Rinpoche is asked.

So Rinpoche’s video and the blog post gave me a lot of food for thought. First and foremost, it made me extremely grateful for my wonderful teacher. Rinpoche’s steadfast Guru Devotion and strength has protected the rest of us from the dilemma so many others had to face – give up Dorje Shugden, or continue the practice. We were never forced to make that choice because Rinpoche made it so many years ago.


It also made me feel extremely grateful for being Malaysian, and for having the religious freedom to rely on whatever deity I wish. Tibetans don’t have that freedom. Wherever in the world they go, they continue to be harassed for their beliefs. People throw stones at their houses, create visa problems for them, threaten to harm their families. So whilst Kecharians may sometimes be on the receiving end of vulgar comments, all of it is MILD compared to what my Tibetan Dharma brothers and sisters have tolerated for the last two decades. I know for a fact I will never be in any physical danger because something as mundane as my nationality protects me, but they live with that uncertainty.

Finally, it made me extremely grateful to have such an incredible Protector who despite everything that has been said and done against him, never once comments negatively on anyone or anything. All he EVER tells us is to be patient, to practice Dharma, to foster harmony, to forgive one another. Would a worldly god ever speak like that? I am so so grateful to be surrounded by so many great examples of Dharma practitioners, from my Guru to my Yidam, to my Protector to all of my Dharma friends.

After Rinpoche’s video was released, Rinpoche asked all of us to film our own video responses. To be honest, for the first few days, I was stuck. How do you respond to a video like that, without sounding rehearsed, rudimentary, shallow? Without being just a frighteningly pale response to the honesty, depth and breadth of Rinpoche’s video?

So I went back to what Rinpoche told us when Rinpoche asked us to film our video responses. Rinpoche said to speak from the heart and to speak the truth, with the motivation that your words will benefit others. I hope I did okay. Just make sure you watch Rinpoche’s video first, so mine makes a little more sense!

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p.s. why do I practise Dorje Shugden? Because my guru told me to do so, simples. If Dorje Shugden is good enough for my guru, for Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche, for Kyabje Pabongka Rinpoche, etc. Dorje Shugden is good enough for me 😉

Dorje Shugden

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