El·e·na [el-uh-nuh, uh-ley-nuh; It. e-le-nah] /ˈɛlənə, əˈleɪnə; It. ɛˈlɛnɑ/ –noun a female given name, form of Helen // A proud student of His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche // Personal assistant with a BSc (Hons) Psych from Uni of Warwick // These are snapshots of my life, in words and pictures

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I have to admit when I first heard this news, I was pretty stunned. I thought, “No way China issued a statement like that” because I have always known them to be an authority that does not feel the need to publicly and directly respond to religious matters. So I was pretty happy to hear […]


Did you know that there are pujas in the Tibetan tradition that are specifically for averting the energy created from negative talk, bad speech and gossip? One such puja is called Miga Tramdo; it clears obstacles and negative energies created by other people gossiping about you. You might wonder how gossip can create obstacles. Well, […]


Rinpoche sent me an audio message today which included the words “Dorje Shugden is an oasis in a huge, massive galactic desert that we are wandering through” I was looking for a photo suitable for a quote of this magnitude and poeticism, to accurately describe how I feel about Dorje Shugden, when I came across […]


People have been saying “Tsem Rinpoche came out as a Dorje Shugden practitioner“. Personally, I find that statement quite amusing. First of all, like many of Rinpoche’s close students, Rinpoche never ‘came out’ about the practice because Rinpoche never hid the practice from me. If there was ever a time I didn’t know about Dorje […]


What you’re most passionate about in life really tells you about the kind of person you are and for Rinpoche, there’s nothing he’s more passionate about than Dorje Shugden. A few weeks ago, Rinpoche recorded his views on Dorje Shugden, why he practices Dorje Shugden and will never give up the practice. This is the […]


Two weeks after we released pictures of our Wisdom Hall gompa (prayer hall), I am still getting comments today about our Dorje Shugden statue being larger than our Shakyamuni one. It doesn’t matter that Rinpoche has already explained that this arrangement is temporary until we can raise enough funds to build our larger gompa and […]


Since it became common knowledge that we rely on Dorje Shugden, a few things have cropped up that I don’t understand: if you don’t like Dorje Shugden, why do you keep updated on news about Rinpoche? Why is what Rinpoche does any of your concern if you are not his student or a follower? if […]