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Healing with Shugden

June 11, 2015 2

Dorje Shugden’s practice is not all about wealth and protection against black magic. His practice is also a healing one and can generate the causes for long life and good health. And that’s exactly one of the ways Dorje Shugden has helped me. This is the story of how Dorje Shugden’s practice healed me.

No one knows this because it is not the kind of thing you talk about but as a teenager, there were a couple of years when I was utterly convinced that I would not live past the age of 24. I do not know how the thought came to my head but I clearly remember I was not thinking, “I’m going to die when I’m 24.” The words were actually real specific: “I’m not going to live past the age of 24.”

I have suffered a whole slew of mysterious illnesses over the years which come out of nowhere, then disappear just as quickly. No one can ever figure out what causes them so I have just come to accept that that is what happens. Between 2005 and 2008, I blacked out a few times for no apparent reason. In 2007, when I was still studying in England, I started to experience mysterious chest pains. None of the tests could determine what was wrong or causing them but all I can say is, I am still here and thank Buddha for the NHS haha

Then, just before I joined Kechara, Rinpoche asked me to sponsor a set of White Tara pujas and continue to sponsor a White Tara puja every other month, for two years.

Over the years I forgot about my weird teenage prediction. It only came back to me when I was actually 24 and I got really really sick.

We were in our old tenkhang (Protector chapel) at the time and Rinpoche was giving a talk about the iconography of Shugden Rig Nga (five families of Dorje Shugden). That was when the pain first hit me. It came slow at first, so slow I thought perhaps my jeans were too tight or I had had too big a dinner.

Then out of nowhere, it got sharp real quick. Still, I thought perhaps I had eaten something bad and it was food poisoning.

Shize (Vairochana Shugden). Rinpoche was talking about iconography and asked about Gyenze's mount

Shize (Vairochana Shugden), the healing form of Dorje Shugden

I tried my best not to shift too much because we have been taught not to fidget during teachings but the discomfort was getting worse. Then JUST as Rinpoche asked me about Gyenze’s (Ratna Shugden) mount, an intense wave of pain smacked me right in the abdomen.

Rinpoche asked me what Gyenze rides on and I said, “Elephant.” (It’s a palomino horse) Everyone looked at me weird because it is such an easy question. Even Rinpoche gave me a funny look and said, “The statue’s right there on the altar, what do you mean ‘elephant’?!” Rinpoche asked if I was alright then told me to go wash my face. I was only too happy to get up but by this time the pain was not subsiding. It definitely was not pain from wrongly-sized clothes, gluttony or food poisoning.

As I got up, the person next to me whispered, “You’re as white as a sheet.” I went to the restroom and sure enough I was. By now I was nearly doubled over in pain so I excused myself from the teaching and with someone driving me, went straight to the clinic. At the clinic, the doctor pressed my abdomen, took one look at me and said I have to get to A&E immediately.

At A&E, the doctor on call administered a painkiller and said it is likely I have a ruptured appendix. She told me to call my mum who came over immediately despite just having got into bed and ingested half a Xanax hahaha very drowsily, she listened as the doctor explained my options. All this while, the pain kept getting worse despite the medication. In way too much pain to make a good decision, and with my mum nearly passing out from the Xanax, I was admitted to the hospital for overnight observation.

The following day, the doctor explained my options again. She said it is likely my appendix had ruptured and if so, I had to get it out immediately. She asked if I would consent to an operation, saying that the operation (a laparoscopic appendectomy) was routine and I would be out of the hospital in two to three days. So I said yes.

Routine, my foot. I was in the hospital for nearly a month before I felt well enough to go home. In the days after the surgery, the pain did not subside even after being administered strong painkillers. I spent most of the next week in a daze and sleeping nearly 20 hours a day.


Taken on the 100th day of my Dorje Shugden retreat at the Chamang Waterfall. The retreat was prescribed to me by Rinpoche to help me heal after it took me longer than usual to recover from a ‘routine’ operation

Even after I got home, I felt weak and slept for most of the day. That was when Rinpoche prescribed Dorje Shugden’s healing practice for me. I received a text from Rinpoche saying that I should recite 100,000 OM BENZA WIKI BITANA AYU SIDDHI HUNG with an accompanying visualisation. I started immediately although the first few days were difficult. I was still extremely drowsy and trying to regain my strength. There had also been a couple of complications arising from the surgery which I was still receiving treatment for at the hospital.

It took me exactly 100 days to finish the mantras. On the 100th day, before I even updated Rinpoche that I had just finished, somehow Rinpoche knew I was done. In the morning, I got a text from Rinpoche asking me to join him and some students on a trip to Chamang waterfall. It was the first day I felt well enough to get out of the house and actually enjoy myself.

So yes, it took me nearly four months to recover from a ‘routine’ operation but one thing stands out above all. Although it took me that long to get better, I believe had I not been reciting the mantra, it would have taken much longer to heal. Dorje Shugden’s practice really did help me to heal. So thankfully with the protection of my lama and Protector, I made it through my 24th year unscathed and well, hope to have many more 🙂


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  1. Sharon 7 years ago   Reply

    I have to thank Gary Foo for sharing this on his FB. I have forgotten how much enjoyed reading this post as I read it some time back. (Sorry for not commenting earlier! :D) Reading it again tonight reminds me how blessed we are to be under the protection and care of our Protector and Lama.

    • Pastor Elena K. Jean Ai 7 years ago   Reply

      Hi Sharon, hahaha better late than never? 😛 😉

      Rinpoche has made the practice of Shize is available here in greater detail, so everyone can benefit from a connection with this healing Buddha:

      Along with the practice of Black Manjushri, I have experienced incredibly swift results in relying on these two healing deities. Their practices are beneficial, powerful and very effective…next time I see you, will tell you the story about Black Manjushri and my thumb!

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