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Trust Rinpoche

June 15, 2015 1

“Psst. Here,” KB hissed as he shoved something into my hand. “From Rinpoche.” I looked down and there was this note wrapped around some money.


I guess what I want to say is that Rinpoche’s care for his students is all-encompassing. As if the gift of Dharma is not enough, Rinpoche can often be found arranging for students to get medical treatment, or sponsoring outings for hardworking staff to unwind. Rinpoche will buy groceries for departments’ pantries, treat everyone to pizza, buy clothes for Chinese New Year, sponsor gifts for poorer students to bring home to their parents, and even quietly pay off people’s phone bills or rent for those who are struggling.

If you have the privilege to spend some time with Rinpoche, you will know how Rinpoche spends every single waking (and sleeping!) moment thinking about others. Case in point – we have a wonderful Gyenze chapel at the front of our land in Kechara Forest Retreat.

Trust Rinpoche to think about installing a TV there to play teachings about Dorje Shugden, so visitors can learn about his history, practice and background after they have offered incense to Gyenze.

Trust Rinpoche to think about playing the Chinese-language teachings because that is the predominant native tongue of the visitors.


Trust Rinpoche to think about making those teachings available for free distribution.

Trust Rinpoche to even plan that the free distribution shelf be slightly separated from the shelf containing offering items, so visitors do not think those are free distribution as well.

Trust Rinpoche to think about installing oil lamps to make Gyenze more culturally familiar to the visitors, to encourage them to make offerings of light to him.


It is always on Rinpoche’s mind to improve Kechara for others, and to improve ourselves so that we can serve others better or, at the very least, cause the least harm possible. Because even when Rinpoche manifests disappointment, a careful and objective examination of the situation will show we have done (or are about to do) something so thoughtless that it has the potential to harm another sentient being. Like a mother admonishing her child, Rinpoche steps in to stop whatever it is we are about to do, or to discourage us from repeating such behaviour in the future.

If you are in a Kecharian or have benefited from Kechara’s works, know that every single detail about the Kechara mandala has been meticulous planned and thought over by Rinpoche, approved by Dorje Shugden. If that does not convince you that the lama’s purpose for taking this rebirth is to benefit others, I do not know what will!


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    In Rinpoche we trust!

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