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What’s in my bag: The event edition

As I unpacked after the event on June 21 (more details on that soon!), I was reminded of something my dad once teased me about: “Whyyyy do you carry such a big bag?” I usually carry a backpack which is pretty large. It’s my grab-and-go bag and has everything inside, from a spare toothbrush to […]


Dorje Shugden’s practice is not all about wealth and protection against black magic. His practice is also a healing one and can generate the causes for long life and good health. And that’s exactly one of the ways Dorje Shugden has helped me. This is the story of how Dorje Shugden’s practice healed me. No […]


A few of us were in Rinpoche’s room last night having a meeting. In front of Rinpoche on his desk were about 15 new statues, a mix of White Tara, Avalokiteshvara and Amitabha. After the meeting, Rinpoche casually asked us which statues we liked more. Pastor Niral and I both liked Avalokiteshvara; Pastor David said […]

My altar

I know my altar in the USA looks eclectic and confusing but there’s actually a reason for everything! I thought I would share it with everyone, to encourage you to have your own style of offering. Remember it’s about sincerity and not size or quantity, though we should not neglect those using sincerity as an […]

Retreat (1)

In 2006, my siblings and I had the great privilege to do our first Manjushri retreat. Upon its completion, Rinpoche had me write up my experiences. I stumbled upon this write-up by accident when I was searching through my archives for a nice Throwback Thursday post. So below is an 18 year old’s perspective on […]

The set of Rashomon

Rashomon, a name that holds a lot of significance for film buffs. Mum and I were invited to catch the play this afternoon at KLPac, adapted and directed by Joe Hasham, and starring Patrick Teoh. It was interesting and very good, much to my surprise (I know, I really should have more faith in Malaysian […]

Mikka Green

Mum and I were invited to Tunku Kaiyisah’s tea party this afternoon to celebrate Mikka Green, her eco-friendly sustainable movement that’s set to make green trends simple, sexy and FUN in Malaysia. The proliferation of eco-friendly shops and brands is one thing about England I definitely miss (is that obvious I am totally middle class?) […]


After I graduated with my A Levels in 2004, I was due to go to Warwick to begin my Political Science and Sociology degree. On Rinpoche‘s advice however, I did not take up my place and stayed in Malaysia instead. After touring a lot of colleges and looking at the courses offered, I decided to […]


Courtesy of Ju, who we first met at the Tiffany’s Formula One dinner this year, Elisa and I attended the Carrera y Carrera event today in Starhill. Wow, there was some amazing jewellery there! (along with plenty of Datins :D) Let me start off by saying that although I don’t really “get” fashion, I am […]

Islamic Fashion Festival 2013

There are some girls who “get” fashion, and there are some girls who don’t. As much as I have tried over the years, fashion has never been something that has captured my attention in the way that it does with others. It’s not to say I find it irrelevant, pointless or anything of the sort. […]