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My mum

March 3, 2013 0

tumblr_inline_mo8coqamSd1qz4rgpIn both a Buddhist and secular sense, I’ve been extremely lucky because I’ve always been surrounded by people that I can love and respect not because they’ve spoilt me, but because they’ve been unafraid to teach me the hard lessons in life.

This post is about my mother because as I’ve grown older, she’s become less of my mother and more of my friend.

My mother has taught me some of the greatest lessons of my life, like giving up comfort for the sake of others, and bearing hardships for the sake of others. She taught me that just because you are kind, doesn’t mean you are weak and just because you are giving, doesn’t mean you are defeated. She has taught me the meaning of sacrifice, and how I shouldn’t be scared to make the harder decisions in life. She taught me how to stand up for what’s right, and not be afraid to speak up when I see injustice being done. She has taught me how to recognise true friends from false ones, and how to turn pain and anger into productivity.

Most people won’t know my family’s history and they don’t need to. They only need to look at my mother and they will see the product of our history. Over the years, she’s become tough, resilient and wise. She’s never been afraid to tell me the truth, or afraid to risk her reputation in my eyes to slap me down when I’m being a brat…

…and what’s more, she’s like that with everyone. She lives without favouritism or bias. She applauds everyone’s successes as equally as she chides them when they might hurt someone.

When I was kid, I’d often say that if I could be half the people my parents are, I’d consider myself very lucky and I still hold that to be true. I’m proud of my mother because her life is about kindness. I don’t care that she isn’t the most beautiful or the wealthiest, or has the latest designer fashions or rubs shoulders with famous people. I’m proud of her because she lives, breathes, works, eats and moves for the sake of others.

Thank you mummy for being you.


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