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For this week’s Throwback Thursday, I wanted to share with everyone this card that my sister made for me for my 21st birthday. At the time, I was just starting my third year at university and things weren’t great. My family was having some financial difficulties which my university were being nasty about, and I […]

Retreat (1)

In 2006, my siblings and I had the great privilege to do our first Manjushri retreat. Upon its completion, Rinpoche had me write up my experiences. I stumbled upon this write-up by accident when I was searching through my archives for a nice Throwback Thursday post. So below is an 18 year old’s perspective on […]

Dad and mum

Dad, the quiet strength behind our family. Don’t get me wrong, mum is plenty strong but dad has his own way of getting things done. While mum has always been the more extroverted one (“I’ve had to talk for both of us,” she told me when I was younger), dad has always been the one […]

My mum

In both a Buddhist and secular sense, I’ve been extremely lucky because I’ve always been surrounded by people that I can love and respect not because they’ve spoilt me, but because they’ve been unafraid to teach me the hard lessons in life. This post is about my mother because as I’ve grown older, she’s become […]

Chelsea shirt

Not sure he can be my dad anymore (jokes!) #football (Taken with Instagram)

Fatherly love

Daddy-o is a cool cat. He lets me call him daddy-o, pops, poppaloppaloff, pa, papadeedoo and his response is always the same: “hehehehe”. He takes the family teasing about his weird music taste, random gifts (Persian lemon, anyone?), Cina ah pek food choices, and “I must take you there, it’s a secret place” moments. He […]

Dinner with my sister

Om nom nom #succulentgram #instagood #friends #girls #food #family (Taken with Instagram)

Birthday going well?

Happy birthday to her hahaha (Taken with Instagram)

My mother

When I was growing up, I didn’t see a lot of my mother. We were well-off so she was always out gallivanting with friends, flying to different countries, buying different clothes, and just generally finding new ways to spend money. Was my mother a bad mother? No, not by a long shot. She was generous […]


(Scanned from my family archives) I was just going through old family photos for a feature and it occurred to me, my family is and has always been full of amazing, strong, intelligent, beautiful women. What a great family to come from.