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February 11, 2013 0

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Whenever we face obstacles, our lama might prescribe us a series of pujas (rituals to invoke the blessings of the Buddhas) to do. Depending on our affinity with the deity or the type of obstacle, or even the severity of the obstacle, the type of puja we do will differ.

On the less elaborate end of the scale, we have pujas like Kechara House’s weekly Setrap puja. Conducted on a regular basis, the Setrap puja invokes the blessings of Amitabha appearing in a wrathful Protector form as Setrap.

When I say “less elaborate”, I don’t mean that the pujas are any less effective than the more elaborate ones. I simply mean that in terms of the tormas / offerings made, what is required to complete the puja in its most basic form is less extensive…of course you are encouraged to offer more if you wish!

Now on the more elaborate end of the scale, we have pujas like Gyabshi, the 400-obstacle removing puja. As its name suggests, 400 sets (yes, really!) of each offering are made to Shakyamuni, to generate the merits necessary for Shakyamuni to clear our obstacles.

One of the tormas made in preparation for the Gyabshi puja is the (sponsor) torma, made in the likeness of the sponsor. During the puja, the (for lack of a better word!) bigged up – the obstacles are told that the is more handsome, more intelligent, more wealthy, etc. in comparison to the sponsor. Towards the end of the puja, the is then removed from the room and the obstacles are invited to follow the which has been promoted to be more attractive.

So yes, on sight perhaps it would appear a little odd that we have people-shaped tormas but really, there’s a reason to all of it!

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