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August 16, 2012 0

I was with a friend last night, and we got on to talking about numerology. He found the results of his number rather interesting, so we started working on mine (I’m a 7).

I did a quick search online and found this report about 7s. Whilst I’m interested in these types of…mystical endeavours (I <3 Rinpoche’s horoscope widget), I always approach these kinds of reports with some trepidation because I find them to be generalised, playing on our wish to find something that will explain the way we are. I also find that people tend to read them with a biasness which makes me distrust the ‘accuracy’ they find in these reports.

What do I mean by bias? When we read them, we identify ourselves with the positive aspects of the report, and disregard the irrelevant / negative. We read these reports to valid who we are and what we do; we read these reports and invariably think, “OMG, that is SO true about me!”

But this report? This report was uncannily accurate in both the positive and negative, so I just thought I’d immortalise it (ha.) by posting it here, with bolded sentences to reflect what is true (did I just contradict myself? Hehe)


Positive Characteristics:

  • People born with 7 as their Destiny or Life Path Number are sensitive and compassionate (weird, that’s what my Chinese name means. Did my parents know?). They have a natural wisdom and ability to see to the truth of matters.
  • Once people get to know a Number 7, they will find an exceptional person who is able to offer warmth, sympathy and understanding. Number 7s take their time to consider problems and weigh up the pros and cons of any given situation before coming to their conclusion.
  • Number 7 people are adaptable and adjust easily to change. This tends to be because they are generally happy with themselves.
  • The Destiny of 7 is to use the mind on the mystical side of life, and to develop the wisdom of the spiritual side of life. 7 are never satisfied until they can link the known with the unknown. This leads to a great deal of investigation, research and analysis.
  • The Number 7 transcends the barriers of time and space and brings you in touch with the world of the mystic and clairvoyant. On a lower plane of manifestation it gives a confused sense of timing and a dislike of restrictions.
  • Your challenge is to overcome your obstacles, particularly bad relationship experiences.
  • Your purpose is to experience spiritual growth.


Negative Characteristics:

  • Number 7s often lack confidence in their abilities. They do not like to draw attention to themselves, and as a result their talents often go unnoticed. As a result of their lack of confidence, many Number 7s find it difficult to communicate effectively with other people and can come across as being vague.
  • There is a tendency for Number 7s to be dreamers as they spend so much of their time immersed in their own thoughts. They should be wary of becoming cut off from the outside world and should make the effort to socialize with their friends.
  • A sign that a number 7 has strayed completely off of his or her life path is a complete withdrawal from society.



  • Number 7s people are extremely romantic and fall head over heels in love easily. They have a tendency to declare their undying love in the very early stages of a relationship, and this can be off-putting for the object of their affections, who may feel that things are moving too fast. Number 7s should try to keep their emotions in check more and to let relationships grow at a more sedate pace. This approach is more likely to allow Number 7s to discover if what they are experiencing is love or is in fact a brief infatuation.
  • Number 7s are demonstrative in their affection and frequently express their love and devotion to their partners. The people who are most likely to be attracted to Number 7s are those who find if difficult to express their emotions and feel that their inability can be compensated for by the more than plentiful abilities of Number 7s. This generally is a good balance, but can lead to problems.
  • Number 7s will need to be reassured and have their declarations reciprocated from time to time or they will become insecure and begin to doubt their partner’s love. In this situation, Number 7s should be honest about how they are feeling and let their partners know that they need to be appreciated.
  • Number 7s often choose partners who are less dreamy than themselves, and are more gifted in practical matters, and again, this is a good balance.
  • 7s find personal relationships hard to maintain as intimacy is difficult.



  • Number 7s approach the duties of parenthood very seriously. They are committed parents, and the necessity for commitment can make them take a more realistic approach to life. As parents, Number 7s will do whatever is necessary to provide their children with what they need, but do this without overindulging or spoiling their children. Number 7 parents have very strong affection for their children, and they will be likely to have a close relationship with them throughout their lives.
  • The children of Number 7 parents will appreciate the love and devotion  that they receive and will usually choose to spend a great deal of time at the family home.



  • Number 7s enjoy outdoor pursuits such as mountain climbing. The love to see dramatic landscapes and enjoy the freedom from the harsh realities of their everyday lives. Sports in general have an attraction for Number 7s and they enjoy escaping into the tactics and strategies required by many sports.
  • Number 7s are also frequently enthusiastic readers, enjoying all types of literature. Number 7s find books that give an insight into human nature to be particularly appealing, and they will often be found reading non-fiction, history and autobiographies (I only read these types of books…creepy).
  • The homes of 7s will reflect their desire for harmony and peace. The furnishings and décor will tend to be soothing and calming but not luxurious or extravagant. Number 7s will spend a lot of time relaxing in their homes, and it is an important place for them.
  • Socializing is not a regular pastime of Number 7s. They can find the effort to communicate quite stressful and may not find it easy to relax in large groups. Smaller social occasions with close friends are more likely to appeal, but even these will not be regular events.



  • Intuitive, quick-witted and persuasive, you make a brilliant lawyer, comedian or debater. 7s intellectual and studious personalities often pursue advanced academic careers. As they love to absorb information, they usually require a great deal of private time to cultivate their knowledge. These reserved and analytical deep-thinkers make great mathematicians, engineers, inventors, scientists and doctors.
  • Number 7s are not driven by ambition and have no desire for excessive material wealth. They are hard-working and committed individuals, but they must feel that their hard work benefits the world at large, and not just themselves. For this reason, Number 7s are often found working in voluntary organizations and the caring professions. For some Number 7s, their desire for escapism could be met by a career in the travel industry, as the opportunity to visit far-off places, combined with ensuring that others enjoy their holiday can be a very rewarding combination.
  • Honesty and independence are admirable qualities found in Number 7s, but these can cause difficulties in some working environments. Number 7s will never let a dishonest act or an act that offends their sense of integrity go unchallenged. This can lead to Number 7s challenging their employers and creating an unwanted scene. It is important for Number 7s to accept that there are some professions that require a certain of flexibility and that they may not be suited to careers in such areas of work. If they do choose a career in one of these professions, Number 7 will need to refrain from challenging their employers if they wish to succeed.



  • Grey is a colour that Number 7s will feel comfortable with. It is a calm and soothing colour that reflects the desire of Number 7s to blend in.  Bold colours should be avoided by Number 7s.

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