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I was with a friend last night, and we got on to talking about numerology. He found the results of his number rather interesting, so we started working on mine (I’m a 7). I did a quick search online and found this report about 7s. Whilst I’m interested in these types of…mystical endeavours (I <3 […]

Malaysian idiots

So my wrestle with Malaysian customer services continues. The lack of intelligence in the customer service industry baffles me. In any other country, no one would put up with the shit we put up with here but of course, we’re Malaysians and we hate confrontation because that would mean losing face. But is face really […]

Amitayus tomorrow YAAY!

I feel like a truck’s driven over me, backed up, and then drive over me again. Today is not a good day. Oh well, I get to meet Amitayus tomorrow YAAY!


For some reason I found this frickin hilarious. Clearly my sense of humour has degenerated. (Taken from my Facebook)

Pink is my favourite colour

feministslut: andwithwonder: lgbtlaughs: In Western culture, the practice of assigning pink to an individual gender began in the 1920s or earlier. An article in the trade publication Earnshaw’s Infants’ Department in June 1918 said: “The generally accepted rule is pink for the boys, and blue for the girls. The reason is that pink, being a […]

Where’s mum?

Cliff: where’s mum? Me: queuing at the immigration counter (instead of using the auto-gate). Cliff: why? Me: dunno, maybe she just wants that human contact Cliff: why? ROFL

Cold hard cash

Me: Hi Cliff, what are you doing today? Are you free to help me? Cliff: Why, what’s up? (I tell him) Cliff: Can, what time? Me: Around 3 or 4pm, I’ll be in Amcorp Mall Cliff: WTF you want me to go to Amcorp Mall?! Me: Yes please…I’ll buy you dinner? Cliff: Whaaaat?! Me: Lunch? […]


In an album of perfectly-lit photos, to have just two underexposed shots…goddammit nearly perfect. Just sayin’. Okay, link to cheer myself up: http://youknowyourealondonerwhen.tumblr.com/ That is all. Oh, and a quick note to say, I didn’t take that photo up above.


Dad: Hi, just to remind you, don’t go down to town tomorrow okay? Got a lot of police, it’s not safe. Me: Okay, thanks dad for your concern. Hey! What about you? (he works in Times Square) Are you going to be some kind of hero? Dad: Hehehe yah. I’m the ringleader of the whole […]

lovingmalemodels: David Gandy Oh yums.