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Queen of the Dakinis

April 5, 2011 0

Our Kechara is so blessed with powerful potent female, wisdom, Vajra Yogini, queen, ying, ladies, dakinis, feminine, flowery, night, moon, goddess, femme fatale energy.

How fortunate we are to worship feminine energy..and to journey to enlightenment through this volcanic universal mother creator force.

Tsem Tulku Rinpoche

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We have so many dedicated, committed, educated, hard working, intelligent, compassionate, generous ladies in Kechara. They do so much in every dept…some are gentle, some are fierce, some are soft, some are firm, some are fast, some are methodical…but they all manifest this powerful female compassionate force that is beautiful from all aspects…

They are true dakinis of all colors, shapes and sizes within Kechara…when I look now, they are the ones making the huge leap forward within Kechara and for Kechara…I honour them and treasure them…

The women in Kechara are amazing. Most of my life, it has been mostly women who have supported and helped me in Dharma for many decades. Without this powerful wisdom force, there can be no enlightenment…

Women are such powerful forces to be reckoned with and respected tremendously. I take refuge in the supreme Dakini always.

Vajrayoginī is inarguably the supreme deity of the Tantric pantheon. No male Buddha, including her divine consort, Heruka Chakrasaṃvara, approaches her in metaphysical or practical import.

Shaw, Miranda (2006). Buddhist Goddesses of India (pp. 8). USA: Princeton University Press

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