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Standing tall

March 9, 2011 0

(Taken with my iPhone)

Monday was another one of those days – all planned out and supposed to be restful, but suddenly transforming into a whirlwind of activity.

It began averagely enough. I woke up, came in to e-Division and plopped myself down at my desk, ready to work. Lionel’s been chasing me for VajraSecrets write-ups and as well-meaning as I have been to write them, I just have not had the time to sit down and do them. So my full intention on Monday was to bang out at least ten write-ups and placate the poor fellow just a little.

Just as I have cleared my emails though, and sorted through some other bits and bobs, Beng Kooi rushes in and says, “You’re going to KLCC in about an hour.”

“I am?”


“Okay then.”

After being in Kechara full-time for over one year, if I have not yet learned to stop arguing with Beng Kooi when she talks like that, I cannot have been paying too close attention to her quirks.

So an hour later and we were bundled into her car, making our way down to KLCC.

Now if there is one thing you must know about Rinpoche, many things that happen around him are entirely spontaneous, to the point of appearing impulsive and lacking in reason. What I have come to learn however, is that there is ALWAYS a reason, whether or not I can see it with my obscured mind. When Rinpoche has a ‘feeling’ because the karmic conditions for something beneficial has come to fruition, you had best be prepared…

…otherwise, where would your compassion be, if you were not always prepared to help those in need?

Thankfully, I have a good teacher in Beng Kooi so we both arrived prepared. What was supposed to be a meeting about a new project turned out to become much more than that.

It turned into a seven-hour sojourn in Suria KLCC, going in and out of various shops, looking for things that other people need. Yes, seven hours of shopping for OTHER people – as much as Rinpoche hates shopping and going out, he still goes in order to see what will make his students’ lives a little more fun and interesting. If it is not that, it is to look for something that he can offer on his altar, to dedicate the merits to Kechara and KWPC.

Talk about compassion.

This photo was taken outside, in the KLCC Park with the Twin Towers as a backdrop. Rinpoche saw it and immediately had an idea for his blog, so he asked Seng Piow to take a picture of himself standing in front of it.

How many times have you driven past the Twin Towers never viewing it as anything more than a piece of real estate?

That is just how he is, always working and always thinking about others, and how to bring benefit to others.

It is a tall order, trying to become just like Rinpoche but you know what they say – practice makes perfect 🙂

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