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March 8, 2011 0

magic8ball In Malaysia, Tibetan Buddhist lamas are well-known for one thing. Unfortunately, it is not the Dharma they teach, the wisdom they impart or the fact that they help countless people to find inner peace and clarity of mind. Rather sadly, it is their skill in fortune-telling.

For the most part, Malaysians are a pretty superstitious lot and quite spiritually lazy. Because they prefer one-off solutions to problems they have created for themselves, they go looking for Tibetan lamas who employ a method known as divinations. This can come in many forms – dough balls, dice, dreams – but in essence, all of the methods are the same. In essence, the lama consults a Dharma Protector (in Kechara’s case, Setrap) and asks for advice.

Rinpoche is particular well-known for the accuracy of his divinations and why not? He keeps his vows pure, his commitments are stainless and his guru devotion is unparalleled. Since his relationship with his gurus and the Buddhas is unbroken, why would his answers not be the 100% truth?

So many people come looking for Rinpoche, asking for the ‘answers’ to their problems.

What frustrates me is this – in most cases, these people have made their own problems. No one forced them to get married. No one forced them to have children. No one forced them to open a business doing this, that and the other. No one forced them to move homes. No one forced them to do anything and when given advice about not making the choices they did, many chose to ignore the advice…so why is it when problems crop up because of the decisions they have freely made, they feel entitled to throw their issues back on Rinpoche?

In his compassion, Rinpoche will never refuse them but by asking petty, mundane questions, these people effectively reduce my Lama to nothing more than a cheap Madame Zora.

And THAT annoys me.

To top it off, after receiving their answers, because it is something they do not want to hear, because it seems too difficult, too expensive, too long-winded, they do not follow the advice they have been given.

And THAT shocks me.

Snub the Buddhas’ advice? I am at a loss for words.

What I wish for is this – I wish for people to stop treating my Guru like a Magic 8 ball.

Rinpoche is a student of many high lamas, and one of the greatest teachers of his time. It saddens me that people will ask him petty questions about their business, their relationships, their careers. Why do they ask these questions, when they can ask him so much more? Why ask about what puja you can do for your business dealings to go well, when you can ask how to be happy?

And what saddens me even more are the attempts some people make to hide their true motivations. “Once I am rich, I will give to the Dharma”…”Once my child goes to university, I will do more Dharma work”. When will people learn that there is never a perfect time, that the perfect time is NOW? That your problems are caused by your karma and your choices in life, and the only way to remain problem-free is to practise right living and purify your karma?

That your mindset, attitude and ability to disregard an enlightened Being’s advice is the cause of your problems?

That the Dharma that is staring you in the face, is the solution to your problems?

So again, what I wish – for people to stop treating my Guru like a Magic 8 ball.

Where I will start – with myself.

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