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March 10, 2011 0

As someone who is quite frequently the subject of teasing when it comes to relationships, for me to read this on my Facebook profile struck a chord. It was Rinpoche who tagged me to it, and also Rinpoche who has always reminded me that unless I find happiness in myself and satisfaction in my work, I will never sustain a relationship.

What does my work have to do with my relationship? It is my work that trains me to become less selfish, and it was Rinpoche’s subtle and skilful way of telling me I need to be less selfish…just like how he tagged me to the quote below:

It’s great to want love, demand love, get love, expect love and just have it…but what do you do when you get it? Just relax, not do your part and expect the love to be one-sided. Yes love is unconditional, but it does not mean one gives unconditionally and the other gets only unconditionally. Love is a state where a person truly cares about you for YOU. And when you get that, you should do everything you can, being true to yourself of course, to reciprocate. I mean c’mon, everyone wants love and peace and the whole nine yards, but you have to give the same. Don’t just take and feel threatened when people get tired of just giving, while you return love with unfulfilled commitments and empty words. Be loved and love without conditions but with responsibility.

Love is not just a word you use to threaten people into silencing them about your bad habits or unfulfilled promises. Love is what should motivate you to do your part too. Love is only unconditional when you don’t put a condition that it is unconditional. We must do our parts.

Tsem Tulku Rinpoche

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