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(Taken with my iPhone) Whenever we face obstacles, our lama might prescribe us a series of pujas (rituals to invoke the blessings of the Buddhas) to do. Depending on our affinity with the deity or the type of obstacle, or even the severity of the obstacle, the type of puja we do will differ. On […]

Chelsea shirt

Not sure he can be my dad anymore (jokes!) #football (Taken with Instagram)

21 all over again!

Happy birthday Sharon! (Taken with Instagram)

Fatherly love

Daddy-o is a cool cat. He lets me call him daddy-o, pops, poppaloppaloff, pa, papadeedoo and his response is always the same: “hehehehe”. He takes the family teasing about his weird music taste, random gifts (Persian lemon, anyone?), Cina ah pek food choices, and “I must take you there, it’s a secret place” moments. He […]

Kechara Sunday Service

At Kechara Sunday Service attending the Forest Retreat briefing #Buddhism #Spiritual (Taken with Instagram)

Mahasiddha Ghantapa

From Gandrapa was a prince of Nalanda but renounced the throne to be a monk, and later, a yogin. In his travels he met the guru Darikapa and was initiated into the Samvara mandala. He then travelled to Pataliputra, where King Devapala, a pious man welcomed monks and yogins into his kingdom. The king […]

Gifts from the Ladrang

Received a gift from Rinpoche before? Always wondered how Rinpoche does it? Well, here’s a small clue into that process… Rinpoche goes to the gift room and personally selects every single gift for people. Then he takes the gift(s), recites prayers and blesses each and every item, before he records a message for the person. […]

Dinner with my sister

Om nom nom #succulentgram #instagood #friends #girls #food #family (Taken with Instagram)

Birthday going well?

Happy birthday to her hahaha (Taken with Instagram)

It’s all about the lighting…

Vajrayogini arises! (Taken with Instagram)