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Don’t try to be right, try to be Vajrayogini

Rinpoche recently gathered a few of us to give us a mind-blowing teaching (which I will blog about in more detail soon). At the end of the teaching, Rinpoche asked me what my thoughts were. I sort of blabbered and gushed about guru devotion, and I was not coherent. My speech is a reflection of […]


Rinpoche recently asked us to examine our lives and what we have accomplished in terms of our spiritual practice. In my case, after 28 years, how many attachments have I reduced or let go of? Double that and when I am 56, how many attachments will I have reduced or let go of? I can […]


To the uninformed (or the misinformed?), tantra is a badge of pride meant to be worn loud and proud on your chest – “See? I got such and such initiation.” So these days, you will find some practitioners running from one teacher to another, gathering as many practices as they can. Yes, due to the […]


I generally eschew food photos because to be honest, they only fuel my attachment to the stuff and boy, do I have an attachment to the stuff! 🙂 but this picture, I have to post. Food from my mum means many things to me. It is the salmon (sorry fish!) and gingko biloba that she […]

Transformation is a big deal?!

Rinpoche gave us a powerful teaching today on the realisation of one’s potential, what it takes to get there and how much we have to ‘give up’ in order to realise our said potential. During this teaching, Rinpoche uttered one especially powerful sentence that stood out in my mind: Why do we make transformation like […]


Earlier in the week, Rinpoche took the team here to unwind and watch Dracula Untold. Ignore the reviews, it was good and I enjoyed it. Well, I thought the female lead was slightly annoying. Damsels in distress are not my thing, not especially when their attachment destroys an entire kingdom and leads to countless deaths…but […]

A Buddha in West Hollywood

After a lovely Indian dinner, Rinpoche thought it would be nice to visit West Hollywood as some of us had never been. In the middle of samsara, Rinpoche gave us a profound teaching about how to generate a bodhisattva motivation. Everybody prays to be reborn in the best circumstances, with all of the comforts and […]


For this week’s Throwback Thursday, I wanted to share with everyone this card that my sister made for me for my 21st birthday. At the time, I was just starting my third year at university and things weren’t great. My family was having some financial difficulties which my university were being nasty about, and I […]


A few nights ago, Rinpoche gave a profound teaching on the third of the Three Principle Paths, which is emptiness. Using relationships as an example, Rinpoche showed us through logic how chasing after attachments creates our samsara, therefore prolonging our suffering. Rinpoche also showed how clinging on to our attachments will hinder our spiritual progress […]


A couple of nights ago, we had a quiz on Rinpoche’s blog chat. The topic of the quiz was anything to do with Tsongkhapa, from his life story to his practices, to the achievements of his disciples and so on. During the quiz, Rinpoche asked me a couple of questions that gave me pause to […]