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Five ways to love more

February 1, 2020 0


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1. Let go of pain from the past

Let go of the people who hurt your body, because you yourself should not keep hurting your body by holding onto pain anymore. Let go of all pain you wish on others. Do not wish pain on others and yourself. Let go of the people who abandoned you and did not help you. Let go of the people who cheated you and had bad intentions. Let go of something that was said to you that hurt you and something done to hurt you so much that it made you lock up your love. Let go of people who have not loved in the past, or those that cannot or will not love in the present. Let them go.

They do not have power over you anymore. You have power over yourself. It is only you that has power over yourself. Do not treat others negatively in the way you have been treated because you have let go. Do not be afraid to be treated badly because it is about them and not you. You can reject and accept anything as you are the one in control. Do not hold on, let it go. Love yourself by letting go of the anger, pain, frustration and fear of the past. Love yourself now by letting go and just be. Letting go is a form of self-love and the right love because you do not live from long-held pain anymore. But you live in the present moment.

2. Pray

Pray for yourself, pray for others, or pray for something that you have seen that has affected you. Prayer helps to release more love to others. Put energy into prayer and not into contemplating on past baggage and pain. Send your prayers to everyone and yourself. In your prayers do not ask for anything but send pure love embodied in your prayers that all may have peace, security and be loved. Expect nothing and be content. Prayer reaches deep within us and opens us up. It releases us. All divinity loves us. They will not judge us. They look at us with love as they have no fear.

3. Unlock yourself

When we are born, we have love for ourselves and for others around us. In time, 9 out of 10 persons lock up that love. The love is locked up for now but it does not get lost. It is there and you can open up and love again. It is impossible that you cannot love again because love is never lost. Remember the kind words, deed or smile given to you freely by someone in the past or present and focus on that and expand. Do not expand on the pain you have expanded on for so long. Instead expand on the love you received, even if it was not much. It was still love. Expand. A great tree can sprout from a tiny seed. Nurture your love even if it is small for today and make it grow. Make your love grow. A person who loves themselves is not about getting more greedy or wanting more for oneself, it is about letting go of the baggage that keeps you in fear and anger and does not let you love or give love. Not allowing love in your life or giving love gets us down, sad, depressed and physically sick. Loving is about letting go and recognising that you are greater than your pain. Pain is small and you are much greater.

4. Give love to get love

The more you give love and release love, the more you will be happier. To be happier is to acknowledge love, give love and get love. You have the power to love and to be loved. You are worthy of love. Believe that. Be conscious of love. Not romantic love, but unbiased non-judgemental love. Accept love as it comes the way it comes and not the way you expect it to be. Accept it as it comes the way it comes. Accept it and make it grow no matter how little you think it is.

5. Show you care

Show love to others every day. It could be helping them, a smile at someone or just a nice word to others. Do not think about how to take advantage of others, but how you can be an advantage to them. Do not close up anymore. Do not be afraid to love because when you really love, you will never be hurt. Sending true love out never has expectations. Without expectations we do not get hurt but we remain in love. Show love to others. If you want love, show it. Others may not give love because they are locked up in their pain, but send them love even from a distance if they cannot get your love from nearby for now. Send love, abide in love and be love. Not everyone allows your love at this time, but that does not matter, keep sending it quietly. Love is a state of having no projections, no baggage, no memories, no expectations and no wants. It is a state of just being. After all, the truth is that we came into the world with nothing and we leave everything behind that is physical. But love is eternal, so abide in it.

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