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(Taken with my iPhone) For someone who doesn’t want her own kids, I seem to be constantly surrounded with other people’s. I don’t mind – I like kids, I just don’t want my own. These three monsters here are Lucas, Sean and Melissa. Lucas is the second child of Phng Li Kim, CEO of Kechara […]

And then there were nine…

This is because it was around the same time when there were a lot of monk-related scandals all over the papers. This made Cynthia and her husband a little skeptical and they decided to keep their distance… – From Tsem Tulku Rinpoche’s blog

(Taken with my iPhone) Every month, the liaisons of Kechara have a monthly Liaisons Council meeting in the Ladrang. During this meeting, the liaisons (and invited guests!) will discuss both secular and spiritual issues pertaining to the growth of Kechara. It is during these meetings that the important decisions about the organisation are made. Therefore […]

(Taken with my iPhone) They say that experience is a tough teacher – it gives you the test first and the lesson later, and that has certainly been the case for us down at Amcorp Mall for the last ten weeks. Every Saturday and Sunday, a group of us wake up early (try 7am!) and […]

(Taken with my iPhone) I think I’d like to live my life in lomo. Because looking this chilled will always be effortless!

(Taken with my iPhone) Furry or otherwise. It has been sometime since I’ve spent…well, some time hanging out at the Kechara Care Office. Between e-Division work, retreats, pujas, flea markets and a whole bunch of other things that, although seemingly insignificant, crop up randomly and take up a large portion of my time each day…I’ve […]

(Taken on my BB; edited on my iPhone) The photo was taken on the day of our very first flea market stall in Amcorp Mall. Since then, Bonita has left our team but we’ve also expanded to a large group of consistent volunteers to whom we’re very grateful for…your commitment and company each week is […]