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June 12, 2011 0

(Taken with my iPhone)

For someone who doesn’t want her own kids, I seem to be constantly surrounded with other people’s. I don’t mind – I like kids, I just don’t want my own.

These three monsters here are Lucas, Sean and Melissa. Lucas is the second child of Phng Li Kim, CEO of Kechara Media & Publications. Sean’s Mama works with Li Kim as a senior editor and author, whilst Melissa’s mother is Vice President of Kechara Soup Kitchen.

A few weeks ago, Lucas and Sean approached me to ask for help with youth fundraising. They wanted to start a band to raise money for youth activities, and asked me (yes, the world’s most musically challenged person) to manage them.

After calculations, we realised that by the time they were going to perform and make some money, it would be way too late for any activities so we needed to implement interim measures.

That’s when I broached the subject of selling their toys at the flea market. It took some persuading but finally the kids were happy to do it.

The condition was that they would have to sell the items themselves and find their own donations of items to fund their selling. In return, the flea market team would supervise them and help keep their accounts.

This weekend was their first time doing it for themselves and I’m proud to say my kiddies did me proud. It wasn’t a monumental amount of money that they raised but I was more pleased with their attitude than anything, attacking the task with enthusiasm.

Here’s to the next generation of flea marketers!

, Kecharians

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