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Kechara Care Bears

February 24, 2011 0

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Furry or otherwise.

It has been sometime since I’ve spent…well, some time hanging out at the Kechara Care Office. Between e-Division work, retreats, pujas, flea markets and a whole bunch of other things that, although seemingly insignificant, crop up randomly and take up a large portion of my time each day…I’ve barely been able to do my laundry, let alone chill at KC for a bit. (not that I’m complaining – I haven’t found anything else as fulfilling as what I do)

So this evening, on my way back from the new Kechara canteen (Yong Chew, where I got slightly overexcited with my LomoLomo app!), I thought I’d stop by. The purpose of the visit was work – I wanted to speak to Ethan about a fundraising idea I have which combines KC and KSK – but being there also meant just talking to the KC team.

The KC team have a special purpose. They are in charge of ensuring newcomers to Kechara are comfortable, have their questions answered and are directed to the right department to get started on their spiritual path. This means the Care Bears have to be at every location and every event to make sure no one is missed and finds themselves adrift.

When the KC team were starting out, they had fewer events and more ‘free’ time, so we hung out loads. In the last three months however, things have grown exponentially and they’ve got many exciting events going on, so our time together has been shorter.

It’s always nice to reconnect with friends.

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