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A comment on "The Farm of Your Mind"

November 21, 2015 0

When I receive advice like this from Dorje Shugden, I am reminded again of the kind of Dharma Protector I have had the great merits to meet. He does not want to just give you money, protection and blessings and let that be the end of it. He wants to make sure you are alright every single second of every single day, by taking care of your mind. To me, Dorje Shugden’s love is very real and it manifests through the kindness of my lama.


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This post to me was very moving because:

1) since he was speaking to the construction and green team of Kechara Forest Retreat, Dorje Shugden’s analogy of the farm being our mind was relevant, simple and so easy to understand. It very much reflects the skilful means of enlightened beings who present the Dharma to the listener in the way that

2) Dorje Shugden is consistent. Throughout all the times I have been fortunate enough to receive teachings from him, he always says that the key to solving our problems is to transform our mind. He never tells us to rely on magic, never gives us the easy way out and gives us (for example) the numbers to win the lottery. He never says he is the ultimate and only protector, but instead teaches us about the real protection which is understanding and refuge in the teachings on karma.

3) so in this, I see that he cares for us beyond the ordinary fleeting happiness that samsaric gains will result in. What he really wants for us is ultimate happiness and for us to end our suffering permanently.

4) the lama and the Protector work hand in hand to assist the student on the spiritual path, and both he and the lama are without ego. They don’t care about accumulating the most number of students, that is not what is important to them. What is important is that the student meets the authentic Dharma. And although he himself is an enlightened being, still he prays to the Three Jewels for us where in his true nature as Manjushri, he already is one of the Three Jewels.

5) Dorje Shugden doesn’t just care for beings seen but ALL sentient beings, including beings unseen. If he didn’t care about them, he would just advise us to vanquish and destroy those who create obstacles in our works. However, he advises us how we can placate them AND accomplish our goals.

In this, I find that his care is all-encompassing and farsighted in that he prevents us from creating more negative karma by teaching us how to work with unseen beings instead of creating more negative karma by destroying them (which would be the easier way out).

The more I listen to Dorje Shugden’s teachings, the more my love for him grows. Although he appears in the guise of a worldly Dharma Protector, clearly his teachings and wisdom show he is far beyond that…and through the kindness of our lama, we have been able to connect with such a great being over and over again _/|\_

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