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February 10, 2012 0

Just saw your post about your mum’s donation. Just wanted to say, you and your mum are awesome for fighting stereotypes. Your mum helped because of humanity. I’m Muslim, and my religion tells me to help, speak kindly, and to be humane to those who are not from amongst Islam. Just wanted to say, thanks for helping to show further that humanity still exists. 🙂

You’re a “Muslimah”, I am a “Buddhist” but in reality they are labels and we are both the same – seeking to be the compassionate kinder selves that our teachers know we can be. My teacher always says, “no matter if a person is old or young, black or white, Christian or Muslim or Jewish or Buddhist, if you X-ray an empty stomach, all you see is an empty stomach”…so we feed 🙂

Kechara Soup Kitchen

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