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New Straits Times (26 June 2013)

Look what came out in the press a few days ago! New Straits Times covered our mask distribution activity in KL. It would not be untrue for me to say I’m extremely proud of this, because we managed to help so many people in such a practical way 🙂 Click below to read the article […]

photo 5

Early this morning (because it is Bentong and everyone is up at the crack of dawn!), we went to distribute masks and eye drops in Bentong. This time, we distributed 2000 masks and 1000 eye drops. We were MOBBED as soon as we got out of our cars! In fact, we didn’t even have to […]

Spreading the word in Bukit Bintang!

(Update (27 June 2013): We appeared in the New Straits Times! Well done Red Warriors!) The day after the Tiffany’s event, I was exhausted. After two hours of sleep, a lot of smiling and balancing on my high high heels, I wanted nothing more than to spend the day in bed, with my air-conditioning switched […]



Kechara helps all, regardless of race or religion, culture or background! Every day, Kechara Soup Kitchen feeds more and more people. They’ve just donated 300 cream buns and 300 soft drinks to Muslim orphans being cared for by a wonderful mosque in Puchong. By all accounts, the kids were extremely excited for the treats 😀 […]

A comment I liked :)

Just saw your post about your mum’s donation. Just wanted to say, you and your mum are awesome for fighting stereotypes. Your mum helped because of humanity. I’m Muslim, and my religion tells me to help, speak kindly, and to be humane to those who are not from amongst Islam. Just wanted to say, thanks […]

Helping hands

(Taken from my mum’s Facebook) Just my mum Dato’ Ruby Khong donating 60 packets of 10kg rice bags to a mosque. They run a school and take care of over 200 orphans from all over the world. The mosque doesn’t receive much help so mummy, on behalf of Kechara Soup Kitchen, stepped in to help […]


Get inspired, at the Starbucks Live and Inspire Series…and no, I wasn’t the main speaker! This was Dato’ Mummy’s first invitation to speak publicly by the way, so go and show her some love!

Starbucks Live and Inspire

(Taken with my iPhone) When I was younger, I never really saw much of my mother. I didn’t know it then but it was because she was always off at some party, out to lunch with some friends, playing tennis with some new racket, shopping at some expensive boutiques…we were left in the hands of […]

(Taken with my iPhone) Every Saturday, Kechara Soup Kitchen volunteers take to the streets to feed 650 homeless men and women. Where will you be next Saturday? At another party, hosting another dinner, watching another movie? Or making one person’s life just that little bit more comfortable? You know what it’s like to be hungry…but […]

(Taken on my BB) Next to one of KL’s main monsoon drains where, every night, 20 people lie down to sleep next to some dangerously fast-flowing waters. This is the same place Kechara Soup Kitchen visits each week to distribute food to the homeless living there