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July 14, 2011 0

envy Although I get annoyed quite a lot, there are only few people that I truly dislike. In that group of people fall those who are unable to rejoice in Kechara’s success.

Here’s what I don’t understand – where is the competition?! And I don’t mean that in a bad way. What I mean is, if we’re both working towards the same goal, and one of us is succeeding, WHAT is your problem?!

If we succeed, shouldn’t you be GLAD we’re helping more people? Because I KNOW if YOU succeeded, Kechara would be happy for you.

Albeit our methods may differ, but our ultimate, SHARED goal remains the same…so if your motivation is that goal, shouldn’t you be happy that we are helping you to achieve it?

Or maybe the goal of helping others isn’t your real motivation, and your real motivation is to be the winner, and all you want to do is win…in which case, you don’t actually want to help other beings, you just want to look good.

Being consumed by jealousy, rage, bitterness and annoyance that you can’t make it, does not solve the larger problem, whether it is feeding the homeless, rescuing stray animals or pulling someone back from the brink of suicide. And in fact, it just makes you look incredibly dumb and bitter, and not at all an attractive partner to work with…so who is to blame because you can’t succeed?

I just don’t understand people.

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