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Oh my Buddha

(Taken with my iPhone) The Wat Muang Buddha as seen from the wat’s entrance.

Drive-by prayers

(Taken with my iPhone) We were at a traffic light when we were approached by an old lady selling flower garlands. Our taxi driver wound down his window, bought one and hung it on his rear view mirror before doing a quick prostration…and then off we went!


I’ve been lacking it in recent times. Mind changing. Game changing. Integrity


(Taken with my iPhone) Banana crepe heaven in Bangkok.

(Taken with my iPhone) I love the way the spotlights make it look like you’re on the path to Vajrayogini, the final state of illuminating wisdom and compassion.

(Taken with my iPhone) “What are you doing tonight?” “Nothing urgent. Is there anything I can do for Rinpoche?” “Come to Batu Caves in 30-45mins. Carpool.” And just like that, off we went, ‘we’ being myself, Jamie, James and Jean Mei (yes, four J’s). Standing at the bottom of the 270-odd steps, Rinpoche proceeded to […]

(Taken on my Nikon D7000, edited on my iPhone) (Pretending to be) serene in Central Park 🙂