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Grey liquid crystal
Burnish ochre skin


I wasn’t able to do last week’s Sunday Selections because of a last-minute trip down to Singapore. So I’ve done something a little clever this week in case something else crops up tomorrow – yes, tomorrow – at the last minute…I’ve scheduled this post! Mwahahaha So I know summer’s almost over, but these picnic sides […]

The day I died

This freaked me out because I’ve nearly died eight times now, and every time it’s happened in the exact same way this video describes (and I didn’t realise how closely it matched until I watched the video!). First, my hearing goes. There’s a loud ringing-buzzing sound in my ears and my hearing closes in, into […]

A nice Saturday

(Taken with my iPhone) After three hours shut-eye last night, I woke up and had trouble getting back to sleep. So when 5am rolled around this morning, I could hardly be bothered to get out of bed. God, am I glad I did. 5:45am and Chris and I were out the door, and making our […]


At Wat Phra Kaew this morning. (Taken with my iPhone)


(Taken with my iPhone) At Jusco today, during my hunt for water.

Panic at the market

(Taken with my iPhone) Empty shelves at Big C tonight. Instant noodles and tinned fish…I wonder what’s on the Bangkok flood menu for them!

Backyard Buddhas

(Taken with my iPhone) Shakyamuni, Fasting Buddha and Shakyamuni again, all sitting happily on the verandah of the Bangkok Ladrang.


(Taken with my iPhone) It was a very warm day at Wat Muang.

High way

(Taken with my iPhone) Loving the motorbikes in Bangkok.