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Yes, that is a pile of rubbish! Many years ago, Rinpoche sent a group of us down to Melaka to help a senior student clear out her house. They’d been living alone for decades and had a bit of a hoarding problem, so Rinpoche kindly arrange for many of us to go down and help […]


Rinpoche for putting that huge smile on my mother’s face 🙂


Rinpoche had nothing but Rinpoche was still giving things away…and Rinpoche looked happy doing it too! Today I am grateful that in a world of 7 billion humans, I found a lama who gives everything – Dharma and materially – so freely and without issue.


Rinpoche has always encouraged me, and everyone around me, to care for animals. One of the worst cases I rescued was Sara, who suffered from a prolapsed uterus. From start to finish, Rinpoche taught us how to care for Sara physically and spiritually, including blessing her with a Tara pendant. Rinpoche’s care goes all the […]

The gift of gratitude

Look at this guy sleeping in the middle of a construction site. In the dust and dirt, hundreds of miles away from his ‪family‬, just another faceless ‪foreign‬ worker to you and me. On top of that, it’s now ‪Ramadhan‬ and he’s having to do laborious, physically demanding ‎construction‬ work whilst fasting‬, just to earn […]

A comfortable room in Dukkar Apartments

Thanks to Rinpoche‘s kindness, I have this comfortable room in ‪Dukkar‬ ‪Apartments‬ in Kechara ‪Forest‬ ‪‎Retreat‬. I don’t need much, just a ‪‎bed‬, a ‪table‬ and ‪‎wardrobe‬, and ‪electricity‬…!


Rinpoche sent Yamantaka to protect my home which is just too damn cool…not really a dude I’d want to mess with 😉

Go ahead, eat meat!

Rinpoche told me, “Don’t worry, you don’t have to be ‪vegetarian‬. If you feel like eating meat, eat it if you want.” I was in shock because Rinpoche had never told anyone that before. Ever. For everyone else, Rinpoche encouraged them to be vegetarian. “Why is Rinpoche telling me this?”, I wondered. It was then […]

The Dharma

For me, this ‪‎Shakyamuni‬ represents the source of all ‪Dharma that Rinpoche has taught me over the years.

A temple for 3000

Rinpoche‘s dedication to the Dharma has led us from life as Dharma‬ ‪gypsies‬ practicing out of each others’ houses with no centre to call our own, to the 35 acres we are now developing! These are my notes from when I hosted the livestreaming of our temple‬ opening. Back then, we thought 700-seat capacity was […]