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Rinpoche gave me the honour today of staying up until 9:22am to help save someone’s life. As a person who is very accident-prone and has her own #health problems, I know what it’s like to be sick and it sucks. I’m grateful I have the privilege to do this, as tired as I am at […]


Rinpoche (and my parents!) for teaching me not to be afraid of hard work by using themselves as examples. Here I am a few weeks ago hoovering Manjushri Hill @ Kechara Forest Retreat at 4am, caught on CCTV by my sister.


Rinpoche sent KB to me with this plate of savoury crepes. “You must finish all of this NOW,” KB said. I was already pretty full and tried to decline but since Rinpoche had asked me to, I did. I knew there had to be a reason, and also it was a blessing. A few hours […]


Rinpoche will do anything to nurture a student. (Note: we only drank Coke and iced lemon tea, thankyouverymuch)


Rinpoche allowed me to witness today the result of loyalty spanning 20 years…and amazed me with his equanimity because he would be as equally caring to those who have broken his trust.


Rinpoche for giving nine people this amazing opportunity!


Rinpoche teaches everyone to care for one another (which is what I am grateful for, Rinpoche opening us up to one another and the world). So what happens? We sometimes come up with creative ways to show this…here, for instance, Seng Piow arranged for a few departments to get bamboo canes to defend ourselves against […]


Rinpoche, in a teaching last week, said, “Don’t use the present comforts to shelter your environment and what you need to deal with inside of you.”


The movie was awful (oh-so awful!) but I’m grateful for the teachings Rinpoche have after them!


Rinpoche tweeted loads of stuff on Gurus today so this verse really stuck out in my mind as I recited my sadhana. I am loyal to my lama because I am grateful for what he has done for me. And I am grateful that despite being such a poor student, Rinpoche always keeps me close […]