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Necessity, not convenience

May 24, 2019 3


Tsem Rinpoche greeting a student from the USA.

Originally, it was not planned to be a long visit but in the end, she decided to stay and volunteer for a few weeks, writing and editing, and contributing to the blog.

One night, Rinpoche decided to do a live-streaming session. It was, as usual, an impromptu and spontaneous decision. Rinpoche often gets feelings about what needs to be done in a particular moment, because it will suit the karmic propensity of the beings at that time. Thus when Rinpoche gives a public teaching, oftentimes there is no plan for the topic. Rinpoche will observe the audience and conclude what teaching it is they need, and deliver it on the spot. Rinpoche’s Dharma activities are never about what is convenient, but about what is necessary and beneficial.

That particular night, Rinpoche decided he was going to explain the short sadhana of Dorje Shugden and felt this student would benefit from the knowledge. Not only would it help her to write, but it would also add to the richness of her spiritual learning. Rinpoche also wanted to show his appreciation to her for delaying her trip back to the USA, in order to contribute to the blog. And so Rinpoche invited her to join the session, and to see for herself other behind-the-scenes aspects of the work we do. This photograph captures that joyous meeting between student and teacher.

Life in Kechara: Behind The Scenes

3 Comments → “Necessity, not convenience”

  1. Sharon Ong 5 years ago   Reply

    Thank you for sharing this as it helps us to get to know our Lama better. Keep writing as I love your work!

    • Pastor Elena K. Jean Ai 5 years ago   Reply

      Thank you for your comment, it’s encouraging to know that people are reading this! We are very fortunate to have a teacher who cares so deeply, thoroughly and vastly for others.

  2. Grace Leu KHJB 5 years ago   Reply

    Rejoice for the student to meet Rinpoche personally. It always a joyous and excited moment to meet Rinpoche and get his blessing.

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