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Keeping an eye on the future

April 21, 2019 0


Tsem Rinpoche meeting with some students over future plans.

After someone updated about a nearby glamping resort, a few weeks ago Rinpoche and a group of students bundled into a convoy of cars and made their way to check it out.

But it’s not for what you think.

We are looking at expanding Kechara Forest Retreat, so that we can provide better facilities and services to the public. Instead of throwing it to the architect or designer however, we have all been researching ideas for how to construct and design the new buildings. What materials do we want to use? How are we going to use the buildings? What plans do we have in the future and if things change, how can the buildings be adapted for this?

Guided by Rinpoche, Kecharians are learning firsthand that to live in a conscious community means actively participating in the direction of and decisions for the community.

Life in Kechara: Behind The Scenes

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