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Resting after Mt. Kailash

March 7, 2019 0


Tsem Rinpoche relaxing with some students and Pema, one of the Kechara Forest Retreat dogs, after the Mt. Kailash kora.

After circumambulating the whole length and breadth of Kechara Forest Retreat on a route now called the “Mount Kailash kora”, Rinpoche gave a teaching on guru devotion and the importance of maximising our Dharma practice at every opportunity possible. Because the moment of our death is uncertain, it is important to do whatever we can to be prepared for it. That includes practice like prayers, retreats, prostrations and offerings…and we can do that right here in Bentong. So why travel to another country for a pilgrimage, when we can make our land holy with our actions?

Life in Kechara: Behind The Scenes

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