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Sunday Selections #2 (14 July 2013)

July 14, 2013 0

This video. Not all Africans are child soldiers, starving, AIDS victims, orphans, running online scams, etc… I’m not sure this video requires any further explanations, I think it does a pretty great job speaking for itself. People are people, treat them like it.

I watched this kid wipe the floor with his amazing answer on gender equality and why Egypt’s political revolution is necessary, and felt ashamed I’m nowhere near as eloquent as he is.

Then I discovered Louis CK and have been addicted to his short clips ever since, because I love a good observational comedian.

And because summer is here (well, it’s always here) and I’m officially hungry (I’m always hungry), these recipes have me contemplating a trip down to the nearest supermarket to pick up a grill and some fresh corn…

37 Delicious Ways To Eat Corn This Summer

37 Delicious Ways To Eat Corn This Summer

Sunday Selections

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