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Going vegan

June 3, 2011 0

For the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking more and more about becoming vegan.

It started when Rinpoche asked us to watch Earthlings. It reminded me why I stopped eating meat, and introduced (what was then) a very troubling thought to my mind – what is the difference between an egg and a chicken? The egg is going to grow up to become the chicken…so where do I get off on judging one life is more valuable than another, and one life should be saved, but the other one is okay to kill?

From that thought, another grew – if I’m going to give up eggs, then I might as well give up butter and milk too. If I’m against the exploitation of animals, then I should give up butter and milk because they lead to the exploitation and slavery of animals as well.

My mind was a mess. I was thinking whether I should just quit cold turkey (hohoho), or do it gradually. Should I give up eggs first, then butter then milk? If I do it gradually, then maybe there’s a higher chance that I won’t slip, and that the decision will stick.

But if I do that, then again I am saying that the suffering of the chicken is more important than the suffering of the dairy cow being milked to death.

After bouncing back and forth for weeks, and throwing ideas around, it finally occurred to me – the reason why I would even contemplate doing it gradually, and have doubts about my ability to remain vegan is because I’m afraid of slipping and failing.

I’m sorry, but what kind of SHIT reason is that for not starting something which will lead me to have less DIRECT involvement in other beings’ suffering?!

Yeah, that’s what I thought to myself, word for word.

After I came to that realisation, I decided enough was enough, I have to quit it all once and for all. Being someone who likes face, I thought the best way to do that was announce it on Facebook. Knowing people would notice such a declaration, and acknowledge it was a surefire way of making sure I didn’t break my commitment…and I was right on all counts, heh.

I’ve been researching for the last few days, about how to maintain a healthy vegan diet and what ingredients have animals in them, and what ingredients do not. I know I’m going to fail. I know at some point, I’m going to slip up and consume some type of ingredient with animal origins because I didn’t know, or perhaps customs will dictate I have to eat some form of non-vegan-friendly item to prevent a very unpleasant social situation for everyone present.

So I slip, big deal. Difference is, I made the choice to quit and if it is within my control, I will keep my commitment.

It’s funny how once you do the right thing, your mind becomes so much clearer and is so much more at ease.

So here’s to going vegan…wish me luck 🙂

ps. I know some people have concerns so here it goes – I hereby declare, here and now, that I will not turn into a proselytising, holier-than-thou vegan. If I ask if something’s vegan, it’s not because I want to highlight my dietary choices…it’s because I really don’t want to eat another animal!

BUT if you want to bring up an argument with me, by all means go ahead because I will fight back with facts since it is MY choice and MY opinion. Just don’t expect me to start the argument!

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