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November 14, 2010 0

Sara Just wanted to share with everyone a text that I received from Rinpoche earlier. It was received after a long exhausting day of chasing down a dog that has captured all of our hearts…it is incredible how much one being can suffer. It’s a message we can all learn something from 🙂

Dear Martin, Fang, Bk, Jean Ai and Susan,

I’m so very concerned re the 18 or so puppies earlier today rescued by all of you, now poor Sara who bled so much and later maybe the Kepong pooch called in by Wee Liang.

But I’m so glad you guys are there and doing all this today…I am so glad! So relieved. So proud of u if I may say so!

We are connected together by our love for animals and our deep sense to do more for others with our lives hence we are in Kechara TOGETHER. We may be afraid to do more for others, we might lose our time, but time is time and how we look at it makes us afraid or not afraid of ‘losing’ time for ourselves…when we look at it correctly, using our time for others is the BEST WAY TO NOT WASTE TIME AND it’s the best times we could have had.

What we are doing now beats any other useless thousands of Sundays we’ve spent socialising, entertaining, and activities for ourselves overall. What we do in Kechara FOR OTHERS on many levels has SO MUCH MORE MEANING.

Let’s KEEP DOING THIS together! We have MORE ABILITY AND ‘POWER’ TO DO IT TOGETHER – one voice and many hands.

Thank you for caring and choosing to use your life for activities THAT HAVE MEANING AND BRING RELIEF TO HUMANS AND NON-HUMANS!!!

Wanting to establish the BEST ANIMAL SHELTER in this region,

Much care,
Tsem Rinpoche
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