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A nice Saturday

(Taken with my iPhone) After three hours shut-eye last night, I woke up and had trouble getting back to sleep. So when 5am rolled around this morning, I could hardly be bothered to get out of bed. God, am I glad I did. 5:45am and Chris and I were out the door, and making our […]

Bricking up

(Taken with my iPhone) Wan talking about where we have to brick up the Ladrang, because Bangkok seems to have run out of sandbags.

Tok liao

(Taken with my iPhone) Our garden during a heavy rain, minus the flood warning. The water is already up to my ankles. Let’s hope “tok liao” doesn’t become “naam tuuam liao”. On the hunt for sandbags tonight.


(Taken with my iPhone) A quick trip to the supermarket tonight revealed: that almost all of the bottled water has been bought up, with just the expensive stuff remaining that apparently, even when facing troubles, people will still refuse to eat a certain flavour of instant noodles that the Thais really like their canned sardines […]