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Where’s mum?

Cliff: where’s mum? Me: queuing at the immigration counter (instead of using the auto-gate). Cliff: why? Me: dunno, maybe she just wants that human contact Cliff: why? ROFL

Cold hard cash

Me: Hi Cliff, what are you doing today? Are you free to help me? Cliff: Why, what’s up? (I tell him) Cliff: Can, what time? Me: Around 3 or 4pm, I’ll be in Amcorp Mall Cliff: WTF you want me to go to Amcorp Mall?! Me: Yes please…I’ll buy you dinner? Cliff: Whaaaat?! Me: Lunch? […]


Dad: Hi, just to remind you, don’t go down to town tomorrow okay? Got a lot of police, it’s not safe. Me: Okay, thanks dad for your concern. Hey! What about you? (he works in Times Square) Are you going to be some kind of hero? Dad: Hehehe yah. I’m the ringleader of the whole […]

Do not pay for happiness

Do not PAY FOR HAPPINESS OR WHITE TEETH. One is free and the other doesn’t matter. Hehe. – Tsem Tulku Rinpoche