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Fatherly love

Daddy-o is a cool cat. He lets me call him daddy-o, pops, poppaloppaloff, pa, papadeedoo and his response is always the same: “hehehehe”. He takes the family teasing about his weird music taste, random gifts (Persian lemon, anyone?), Cina ah pek food choices, and “I must take you there, it’s a secret place” moments. He […]

Dinner with my sister

Om nom nom #succulentgram #instagood #friends #girls #food #family (Taken with Instagram)

My mother

When I was growing up, I didn’t see a lot of my mother. We were well-off so she was always out gallivanting with friends, flying to different countries, buying different clothes, and just generally finding new ways to spend money. Was my mother a bad mother? No, not by a long shot. She was generous […]


(Scanned from my family archives) I was just going through old family photos for a feature and it occurred to me, my family is and has always been full of amazing, strong, intelligent, beautiful women. What a great family to come from.

Where’s mum?

Cliff: where’s mum? Me: queuing at the immigration counter (instead of using the auto-gate). Cliff: why? Me: dunno, maybe she just wants that human contact Cliff: why? ROFL


Do not be angry do not seek revenge be calm and do your best in everything that you can because you’re great in what you do and the potential you have. Otherwise known as why my brother (younger than me, mind you) is better than yours.

Cold hard cash

Me: Hi Cliff, what are you doing today? Are you free to help me? Cliff: Why, what’s up? (I tell him) Cliff: Can, what time? Me: Around 3 or 4pm, I’ll be in Amcorp Mall Cliff: WTF you want me to go to Amcorp Mall?! Me: Yes please…I’ll buy you dinner? Cliff: Whaaaat?! Me: Lunch? […]


Dad: Hi, just to remind you, don’t go down to town tomorrow okay? Got a lot of police, it’s not safe. Me: Okay, thanks dad for your concern. Hey! What about you? (he works in Times Square) Are you going to be some kind of hero? Dad: Hehehe yah. I’m the ringleader of the whole […]


Get inspired, at the Starbucks Live and Inspire Series…and no, I wasn’t the main speaker! This was Dato’ Mummy’s first invitation to speak publicly by the way, so go and show her some love!

Starbucks Live and Inspire

(Taken with my iPhone) When I was younger, I never really saw much of my mother. I didn’t know it then but it was because she was always off at some party, out to lunch with some friends, playing tennis with some new racket, shopping at some expensive boutiques…we were left in the hands of […]