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Protection from the unseen

I think most people do not realise how common spirits are, and how frequently they create disturbances. Perhaps in the West people do not readily believe in them but then again, why else would Hollywood make so many ghost movies if that fear was not grounded in some kind of truth? Here in Asia, and […]


“Oh wow! Hey (Pastor) Niral, that book looks interesting!” I was sat amidst boxes and envelopes, all containing books and gifts that Rinpoche had bought online to send back to Malaysia. Of course being the greedy gumdrops that I am, I could not help but peruse the titles myself, to see if there was anything […]


A couple of nights ago, we had a quiz on Rinpoche’s blog chat. The topic of the quiz was anything to do with Tsongkhapa, from his life story to his practices, to the achievements of his disciples and so on. During the quiz, Rinpoche asked me a couple of questions that gave me pause to […]


“When you wake up, make sure the first thing you think of is how to benefit others. I found that when I followed Rinpoche’s advice on this, everything became better for me and I became happier.” ~ Pastor Kok Yek Yee explaining to the pastors the essence of their responsibilities So what am I now, […]

Becoming a nun: An introduction

This Saturday, I will take my first steps on a journey I’ve been wanting to take since I was 18. It all began on a pilgrimage trip to Gaden Monastery in 2004, when I was on my gap year and I visited a nunnery and did not want to leave. There was something about the […]