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A comment on "China officially supports Dorje Shugden"

December 25, 2015 0

I have to admit when I first heard this news, I was pretty stunned. I thought, “No way China issued a statement like that” because I have always known them to be an authority that does not feel the need to publicly and directly respond to religious matters. So I was pretty happy to hear this because you know what? It will open the doors for the Dharma to spread in China.

Believe it or not, but the Shugden lamas do not just spread or teach Dorje Shugden’s practice. They spread and teach Je Tsongkhapa’s tradition, of which the Shugden practice just happens to be a part of (I know, shocker right! LOL). So if they are receiving support for their works, if they are given the freedom to travel and teach, then I am happy for that reason that the statement was issued and Buddhism therefore has a chance to benefit 1.2 billion Chinese.

You can call me whatever you want but just know that when you call me a Chinese dog, thinking it insults me, remember it reflects more your small-mindedness and lack of Dharma acceptance than any of my qualities. Dharma is everyone’s universal right, and political and racial differences should never be used as a reason to deny that to anyone.


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I suppose the most standout thing about this statement is the absolute irony of the whole matter.

As a supposedly Buddhist government supposedly embodying Dharma and non-violent principles, Dharamsala are now the ones suppressing freedoms. And as a government for whom atheism is enshrined in their constitution, China’s government makes a statement acknowledging religion and religious freedom.

The Chinese leadership have changed dramatically from the 1950s when it was easy for the world to turn them into a bogeyman. They went from a poverty and famine-stricken nation, into an economic powerhouse and political force to be reckoned with. As time passes, we only see improvements. Dharamsala on the other hand, continues to degenerate and more and more, they take on the qualities of what they accuse China of.

So what if the improvements are not altruistic in nature, and for their own benefit? I saw on Facebook someone accusing China of making this statement for their own benefit, and that it’s not about supporting Dorje Shugden. You know what? Find me a government that DOESN’T make statements for their own benefit, and I’ll find you a pink alligator!

People accuse China of doing it for economic gain. Find me a government that NEVER acts for their own economic gain and I’ll…well, you get the picture.

The fact that China can make a statement about religious freedom instead of ignoring the issue (which they have every right to do and which they have done in the past) tells you changes are afoot in the Dragon of the East. Let’s not impress upon them Western ideals of democracy, which the West have had the opportunity to develop over thousands of years, hundreds of which were spent “democratising” half the world and, let’s face it, resulted in the scores of conflict we see around the globe today. Their principles of democracy were never consistent to begin with. As Rinpoche once pointed out to me, even the birthplace of democracy, Greece, was never truly democratic to begin with, where slaves were not allowed to vote.

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