El·e·na [el-uh-nuh, uh-ley-nuh; It. e-le-nah] /ˈɛlənə, əˈleɪnə; It. ɛˈlɛnɑ/ –noun a female given name, form of Helen // A proud student of His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche // Personal assistant with a BSc (Hons) Psych from Uni of Warwick // These are snapshots of my life, in words and pictures

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youknowyourebritishwhen: ^ Must be said in Scottish accent ^ – housetrained (http://housetrained.tumblr.com/)

Puberty: you’re doing it right.



youknowyourebritishwhen: sarahsaysrawrrrrrr ROFL.

youknowyourebritishwhen: x-blindfoldsaside I sometimes still mutter this to myself, except I know no one here would ever get it.


In an album of perfectly-lit photos, to have just two underexposed shots…goddammit nearly perfect. Just sayin’. Okay, link to cheer myself up: http://youknowyourealondonerwhen.tumblr.com/ That is all. Oh, and a quick note to say, I didn’t take that photo up above.

Painful memories come flooding back!