El·e·na [el-uh-nuh, uh-ley-nuh; It. e-le-nah] /ˈɛlənə, əˈleɪnə; It. ɛˈlɛnɑ/ –noun a female given name, form of Helen // A proud student of His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche // Personal assistant with a BSc (Hons) Psych from Uni of Warwick // These are snapshots of my life, in words and pictures

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Originally penned for Rinpoche’s blog. The first time I ever travelled to Nepal was in 2005, on a pilgrimage led by Rinpoche. What was meant to be a one-week trip turned into a two-week stay, with the second week being fully dedicated to stock-buying for Kechara Paradise. My next trip was in 2009, for a […]


In early January 2018, I had the great fortune to attend the International Buddhist Conference of Dorje Shugden Followers on behalf of my Guru, Tsem Rinpoche. To say it was an eye-opening experience would be an understatement. It was my first time attending a Tibetan conference and I do hope it will not be my last. It […]


The first time I met Gangchen Rinpoche, I was too young to remember most details. I remember it being in the Chinese Assembly Hall. I must have been around 12 or 13 years old and Rinpoche was giving some sort of Medicine Buddha empowerment to hundreds of people. Subsequent meetings with Rinpoche took place when […]


On August 15-16, 2015 a group of us had the great fortune to represent H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche at the opening of Centre De Méditation Tsongkhapa (CMT) in Ste-Sophie, Quebec (Canada). The first incarnation (so to speak!) of CMT was opened by the Venerable Geshe Khenrab in Montreal, Canada before a sister centre was opened […]


How can somewhere so beautiful exist, especially when it is a former bomb site? I can almost feel the calm and serenity, and hear the crashing waves! Taken from http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2336764/Worlds-idyllic-bomb-site-Hidden-beach-created-giant-blast-Mexican-government-target-practice-stunning-strip-sand.html


A friend just posted these on her Facebook profile…dayum. How ridiculous does that water look! I feel a trip to Europe coming on!

On the move

(Taken with my iPhone) Airports make me happy (really).

City Museum, St Louis

zenlikeme: cosmicshart (http://cosmicshart.tumblr.com/post/8430646617): If you’re ever in St. Louis, MO, I suggest stopping by the City Museum.  It’s a huge building that’s been converted to a giant dream-like playground (adults have lots of fun too) with enough entertainment for hours.  Every time I go I like to get lost and see what strange things I […]

songsparrowsings: Photographer/Source is http://www.laurentlaveder.com/. His images were also used for a Canon EOS 400D campaign in France.

Lone Pine Resort in Penang, Malaysia, keepin’ it real. (Taken on my BB)