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DaeSaKwan (15)

Lesson of the day: when all of the restaurants you want to go to are closed, don’t fret because it may just be serendipity. Serendipity is exactly how I found Dae Sa Kwan last week – for some reason, the restaurants I wanted to go to with my dad were shut so we ended up […]


I spent a fair amount of time with my dad last weekend, hanging out with him and catching up, and also helping him out with his work. As usual, my dad had to take me to “a special place” to try something new, so he brought me to try something which I assume to be […]

Gaeng phed tofu @ My Elephant, Jalan Sri Hartamas 8

Last night, my dad took me to My Elephant, a Thai restaurant that’s just around the corner from my house. He’d been raving about it since last weekend, when he told me about how good it was and then expressed his disappointment I wasn’t in KL to go there with him. Normally, when dad tells […]

Caramelised apples

We brought my dad here yesterday for his Father’s Day dinner (although mid-way through, when Jean Mei joked that it was his birthday, dad looked genuinely confused and wondered if it really was). It had originally been Rinpoche’s idea some weeks ago to introduce my dad to this place. We knew he’d enjoy it because […]

2013-06-16 19.15.06

(Taken with my iPhone) Lunch today was the house bread (always delicious), funghi gratinati piccanti (ovenbaked seasonal mushrooms with goat’s cheese and chilli) and tortelli di zucca e ricotta (pasta filled with ricotta and pumpkin, with pink rosemary sauce). The funghi was fantastic – goat’s cheese, garlic, chilli and mushrooms, in ONE bowl? ZOMG. The […]