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I generally eschew food photos because to be honest, they only fuel my attachment to the stuff and boy, do I have an attachment to the stuff! but this picture, I have to post. Food from my mum means many things to me. It is the salmon (sorry fish!) and gingko biloba that she steamed […]

Cilantro-Lime Marinated Veggie Kabobs With Barley Kale Salad

I was on Buzzfeed when I came across this awesome post. When people find out I am vegetarian, some recoil in horror (though, increasingly, others express their admiration). “What DO you eat?” “Anything I want. Just without the meat.” “How DO you live?” “Well, I’m not exactly the skinniest person, am I? So I guess […]

This needs no words.

Think the kid says it all for me.

Lyrical lunacy

1950s lyrics: splishin and a-splashin, one time i was splishin and a-splashin. ooh, i was movin and a-groovin. yeah, i was splishin and a-splashin. 1960s lyrics: he hit me and it felt like a kiss. he hit me and i knew he loved me. if he didn’t care for me, i could have never made […]

Omg this is making me so hungry

Fatty wants to eat!

Why I wear headphones

All too often.


For some reason I found this frickin hilarious. Clearly my sense of humour has degenerated. (Taken from my Facebook)

Making fun of vegans

themrebelbones: sometimes you have to poke fun at yourself.


Person A: I really really want to go and spend mindless hours in a shopping mall Person B: I just did that for half an hour. I dedicated my merit to you. LOL

(Taken with my iPhone) Internet speak takes to the roads. Use Teh Cheeta for teh moving heehee