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#2 of Ummm...no: Separate monasteries is evidence of religious freedom

January 31, 2016 0

Anti-Shugden remark:You guys have your own monasteries. Since you have your separate monasteries, that is proof there is religious freedom.

Ummm, how about…no?

That is a most illogical comment. The fact there are separate monasteries is EVIDENCE there is a ban. Because before the ban, there was NO SUCH THING as a Shugden monastery and a non-Shugden monastery.

Before the ban, Shugdenpas lived, practised and studied with everyone else in Gaden, Sera and Drepung (densa sum).


The sign leading to Serpom Monastery (formerly Pomra Khangtsen of Sera Mey Monastery) which has been defaced by locals who don’t want people to visit Serpom. That’s religious freedom, huh? LOL

So the fact there are now Shugden and non-Shugden monasteries is PROOF there is a ban. It is NOT religious freedom for them to have a separate monastery; they were FORCED to separate BECAUSE of the ban. As Martin Chow wrote on Facebook, “Haters come up with the most ridiculous arguments. It’s like saying that blacks only areas is proof there’s no segregation.



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